Chili Com Carne

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Riccardo Balli / DJ Balli (2012, 2016...)

(1972) is a DJ/ producer, and founder of the label Sonic Belligeranza. A true fundamentalist of Breakcore since year zero of this non-genre of music, as the style was getting more and more codified, he progressively tried to personify its attitude and even bring it outside of audio realms. Hence following the motto of M(C)ary Shell8Bit "Every cacophony is possible, infect the Underground!", the creation in his lab a la Bolognese of Sound Monsters such as skateboard-noise, gangsta-opera and his infamous poetry readings pretending to be Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins.

Bibliografia Anche Tu Astronauta (1998), Apocalypso Disco (Agenzia X; 2013), Frankenstein Goes to Holocaust (Agenzia X; 2016), Frankenstein, or the 8-bit Prometheus (c/ Rudolfo, Chili Com Carne + Thisco; 2018), Sbrang Gabba Gang (Fausto Lupetti c/ apoio de Chili Com Carne + Thisco; 2020) colectivo Antibothis, vol 4 (CCC + Thisco; 2012), Isto vai acabar em lágrimas (CCC + Thisco; 2021)