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Quadradinhos : Sguardi sul fumetto portughese / Looks on Portuguese Comics


Catalogue / Comics anthology from Treviso Comic Book Fest 2014
17x24 cm, 88 full collour, sofcover with giant flaps
in Italian and English

Treviso Comic Book Festival is the third most biggest Comics Festival in Italy but still is a relaxed event and most important it has a good eye on comics made outside of Italy! Blame Alberto Corradi for this, as curator he already made exhibitions about Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark and this year... Portugal!

And for the first time there's a catalogue thanks to the effort of Treviso Fest, Mimisol and Chili Com Carne with the important support of Portuguese government - DGLAB and IPDJ institutions.

This catalogue is a comics anthology made by the artists invited for the festival's exhibition and includes a preface by Marcos Farrajota and a small History of Portuguese comics by Corradi. Most of the comics have been published in Portugal but then... have you seen them?

So you can enjoy 88 pages of comics (most are full colour) of a wide range of authors, coming from the underground to the international mainstream and from the new breed to older artists: João Fazenda, André Coelho with Manuel João Neto (same team of Terminal Tower), José Smith Vargas, Ana Biscaia (Best Portuguese Illustration Prize 2013) with João Pedro Mésseder, Nuno Saraiva, Francisco Sousa Lobo (The Dying Draughtsman, Art Review), Afonso Ferreira (Love Hole), Pedro Burgos, Filipe Abranches, Miguel Rocha with Susana Marques, Joana Afonso with André Oliveira, Jorge Coelho (Image, Marvel) with Paul Allor (from USA), Pepedelrey and Rudolfo (Negative Dad).

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